Attractive Upgrade Opportunities

Meet fast-approaching PCI mandates and maximize payment security

What has changed in the past 10 years?

Only everything! Just like cell phones or computers, payment devices contain technology and security elements that, while cutting edge at the time, can become obsolete or ineffective over time. Just in the past 5-10 years, technology and security standards have evolved considerably, which could leave merchants exposed to significant security risks, not to mention obsolete technology and performance issues.

Attacks by cybercriminals against payment devices with outdated security jeopardize your customers’ sensitive data and your hard-earned reputation. A major breach can negatively impact your brand and business results for years.

With EMV and card-issuer mandates fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to upgrade to one of Verifone’s next generation devices with enhanced features and capabilities as well as the latest security safeguards.

  • Engage your customers and expand your payment options in exciting new ways.
  • Streamline transaction processing to speed customers through checkout.
  • Comply with security requirements to protect your transactions and customers’ cardholder data.

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Make the Move Before it's Mandated

Avoid business disruptions and the risk of increased liability. Don’t wait until the deadline to upgrade your devices. Reduce your risk of a damaging data breach.

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Add Value
and Improve Performance

Maximize the value of your customers’ in-store visits by offering a payment terminal that will engage your customers more effectively. Support alternative payments and new value-added applications. And drive cross-selling while increasing customer satisfaction.

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Enhance your Investment

Next-generation Verifone devices are built for maximum reliability and certified to meet the latest PCI standards and other regulations. Avoid wasting money servicing older devices. Reduce complexity. Count on Verifone devices for years to come.


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