The Real Cost of Not Offering Mobile POS

Bricks-and-mortar businesses are losing millions of pounds in sales each year for one simple reason: their store checkouts aren’t optimised for the ‘me-centric’ demands of the modern shopper. Discover how mobile POS (mPOS) can cost-effectively convert more customers and download our best practice for choosing, deploying and managing mPOS solutions.

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One mPOS solution. Countless possibilities. e355

The Verifone e355 is a flexible mobile payment module that adapts to today’s and tomorrow’s generations of smart devices, providing merchants greater return on their investment.   Learn More>>>

Guide to Retail mPOS Best Practice.

Recent forecasts predict that 46% of all POS terminals will be mPOS by 2019. Demand will be fuelled not just by small businesses seeking low cost card acceptance but by larger retailers looking to do more with mPOS than simply ‘queue bust’. For those planning large scale deployments, mPOS best practice and ‘retail ready’ secure solutions will be vital to ensuring roll-out success and higher ROI.

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