Finally, A Secure Payment Solution that
Combines All Your Payment Needs

Meeting the payment needs of merchants has never been easier! With Verifone’s Point solution, you’re able to increase revenue and provide a secure solution that handles the payment demands of your merchants for today and tomorrow.

Point is a comprehensive, single source, payment-as-a-service offering that combines world-class devices with state of the art security and payment technology to support PCI compliance, EMV and mobile wallets. For merchants that are currently using PCCharge or PAYware PC, it’s time to move them to Point! The comprehensive solution integrates all of your merchants growing payment needs, including:

  • Automatic Updates: Payment terminals are always compliant and configured with the latest payment functionality.  
  • EMV Readiness: EMV can be activated as soon as your merchants are ready - it's as simple as flipping a switch!
  • NFC and Mobile Wallet Readiness: Leverage NFC functionality to accept mobile wallets like Softcard and Apple Pay, so merchants are always able to capture a sale.
  • Device Upgrades: Flexible upgrade options are part of the Point model. Stay current with the hardware needed to run a business.
  • Unlimited Transactions without Fees: Point transactions are part of our fixed rate solutions so there are never any transaction fees.
  • PCI Compliance: Verifone's state-of-the-art encryption and tokenization technology keeps customers' card data secure throughout the transaction life cycle. Optional data breach insurance also provides that extra coverage and peace of mind for keeping card data secure!
  • Ease Security & Liability Concerns: Merchants are increasingly aware of the need for heightened security, and the risk to their business if they are breached.  If merchants are breached, your business is at risk too, from lawsuits and a damaged reputation. Protect yourself, your reputation and your merchants with a secure solution that takes the POS system out of scope. 

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